3 Marketing Changes to Make Now

Technological advancements are growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s great for our everyday ease. There are apps for everything you could possibly need from a music stand to a recipe for mushroom risotto.

When it comes to your law practice, the technology race could be leaving you in the dust. At Local Impact Group, we want to make sure you are well informed on Marketing Changes to Make Now that can help your law firm now and in the future.

Build Relationship with your Clients

We’ve been told when it comes to meetings, performances, and water cooler conversations, “always leave them wanting more”. The same applies to your relationships with your clients. As a legal representative you should be constantly on the hunt for new clients. Building your clientele list is important as you initially expand your company, but customer retention will be worth its weight in gold in the long run.

The average consumer is becoming an informed consumer. With Google reviews and Yelp amongst a myriad of review sites, smart buying is easy. More and more potential clients are going to go to the reviews of your firm over your website. Have you done a Google search recently? Are you proud of your online presence? If not, focus on ways to improve your relationships with your clients. It could be as easy as adding a free report. Or even throwing in some extra links to resources on area of law they need.

And of course, kind client service in person and over the phone or email is imperative. You wouldn’t want to feel like an inconvenience, why would you make your clients feel like it?

Mobilize your Website

More Google searches come from mobile devices than from laptops or desktops. Because of this, Google has responded by placing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly lower on their search engine. By creating a mobile-friendly platform, you will be increasing your SEO. This is an easy fix that could create a drastic change in your online presence.

Geo-Precise Marketing: Finding the Right Customers

If you’re trying to market to everyone, you’ll end up finding no one. Specificity in your third party ads will allow the right clients to find you. And now with geo-precise marketing, you can target exactly who fits your audience. Using your analytics and purchasing data will allow you to pinpoint the exact type of client that you want to market to. Google Adwords and Facebook ads are amongst the most popular and recognizable version of GPM, but any serious advertising platform will offer services to help you find the people who want to find you.

There are more tools at your disposal than ever to help bring your law firm’s marketing into the next generation. By building proper client relationships, mobilizing your website and using geo-precise marketing, you’ll be able to attain, retain, and grow your clientele list.

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