4 Major Elements to a Winning Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is hands down the best way to market your business in 2016!  The inbound strategy focuses on creating compelling content that informs, educates, inspires and engages your audience in a way that positions your brand as an authoritative source in your niche.

Rather than approaching potential customers through traditional outbound marketing tactics, you are drawing qualified prospects to your business because your content is offering solutions to their problems.  As a result, you increase brand exposure, boost follower engagement, drive traffic to your blog and websites, and improve overall lead and sales conversions.  It is indeed a winning strategy for those who embrace this methodology.

To successfully incorporate inbound marketing, there are four major components that must be actively working to achieve optimal results.  The goal is to provide a brief overview of these elements to ensure each are implemented in your strategy as well as share key tools and strategies that support these components.

#1 Attract

The first step to attracting quality traffic to your content is having a clear understanding of your audience, or buyer personas.  You see, your content is based around the interests, goals, problems, and challenges of your buyer persona.  Once you’ve established who they are, your content creation will become highly effective because now you’re speaking to the hearts of your ideal customer.

Key tools used to attract new visitors to your content include blogging, SEO techniques, social media promotion, infographics, and slideshares.  Blogging is at the core of inbound marketing and is the single best way to drive prospects to your site through educational content.  In fact, companies that blog have 55% more website visitors (Source: Business2Community).  Be sure to have a blogging schedule where you are consistently sharing valuable content to your audience!

#2 Convert

Now that your prospects have landed on your website, it’s time to capture their contact information to convert them into a lead.  Growing your leads list is the lifeline to your business.  The more qualified leads you have in your sales funnel, the more opportunities you have for closing the sale (we’ll get to that next).

Converting visitors into leads requires an optimized landing page with an enticing lead offer that encourages the opt-in.  It’s imperative that your offer is valuable enough that your visitors exchange your free gift with their name and email.  Great lead offer ideas include eBooks, downloadable whitepapers, and video series.

#3 Close

The third major component to inbound marketing is closing your leads to becoming customers.  It’s not enough to grow your leads list…your subscribers must translate into revenue!  Yet, it doesn’t happen overnight.  This is where your practice nurturing tactics to grooming your leads with strategic content, moving them through your sales funnel, closer to the purchasing decision.

Email marketing and marketing automation are excellent tools to fostering relationships with your leads that builds trust…thus, wanting to do business with you.

#4 Delight

Congratulations, you’ve made the sale…but it doesn’t stop there!  Just a few stats to think about before proceeding:

  • Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one (Source: Capterra)
  • 50% use a company more frequently after a positive customer experience (Source: NewVoice)
  • 87% of customers share good experiences with others (Source: Zendesk)

With that said, the final step to the inbound marketing strategy is delighting your customers in a way that they become raving fans of your brand, promoting you to others.  You want buyers to keep coming back to you for more because of the amazing value you deliver.

How do you make this transition? By continuing to feed valuable content that resonates with your audience. Tools such as surveys and social monitoring are ways to gain real feedback to improve your customer initiatives and create remarkable experiences.


If you desire Internet marketing success for your company, embracing the inbound methodology is the way to do it!