Get an Accurate Traffic Estimate for Your Site

Do you want to advertise your brand while getting real value out of the dollars you spend?

Or, maybe you just want to compare your site traffic to a competitor to see how you are ranking?

This is where a traffic estimate can help, and there are a few different methods of figuring it all out.

Before you even look at any of the online tools available, you can:

  • Check the advertising page on the website as they often show statistics
  • View their Facebook page, paying attention to interaction as well as followers
  • Look at their Instagram feed, do they have many quality followers?
  • Browse some of their posts to see whether readers are interacting

Now that you know a bit more about the target audience, you can combine this information with what you learn from a traffic estimate.

These tools are probably not going to be 100% accurate but may give you an indication of how different websites measure up.

Here are 5 services to get you started:


SimilarWeb offers a free service which allows you to compare different websites side by side.

It includes detailed information on the audience including their interests, location, and social media referrals.

SimilarWeb has a fresh, clean layout and is easy to navigate.


SEMRush is another free service which helps you with your keyword research.

You can enter any website and country to target your results to a specific location.

In addition to general traffic, it showcases referring domains and top organic keywords.

SEMRush is user-friendly and if you have a larger enterprise they can cater to your needs.

WebRank Stats

WebRank Stats allows you to compare two websites against one another.

It is a free traffic estimate service and each website submitted receives a WRScore out of 10.

In addition, it shows top keywords, backlinks, related websites and overall security.

WebRank Stats is harder to navigate but it is interesting to see who else has recently submitted their website for assessment.


Alexa has been around since…forever!?

It offers a paid service or a smaller, free version when you download the toolbar extension.

The paid version allows you to compare websites, research keywords, and perform audits.

Alexa has its own ranking system and has a top sites list, not surprisingly – Google ranks at number 1 in the world!

If you are not sure whether it is going to be worth the investment, there is a 7-day trial available.


Quantcast is free but does require you to sign up to their website.

The platform uses rich analytics which will teach you about your audience.

Find out statistics including gender, age, occupation, and even shopping habits.

This online tool allows you to adapt your marketing plan to suit your demographic.

These are just a few of the traffic estimate tools available online.

While this information can help you in your decision-making process when it comes to marketing you need to look at the whole picture.

Basic statistics are always going to be useful, but targeting the right people in the right location is going to be better than just numbers on a screen!

Have you tried any of these services? Or do you have one that you can recommend?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.