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We Design Websites That Make an Impact

  • Visibility. A business website that is overly difficult to find will concede traffic to competitors. Our full-service approach allows us to account for all the latest search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing developments throughout the design process. That produces websites which naturally rank well with search engines and attract more organic traffic, as a result. Our informative, user-friendly websites also attract links from elsewhere, along with the increased traffic and visibility that entails.
  • Mobile friendliness. Mobile devices like smartphones now enable at least half of all website visits and time spent online. Four in ten consumers will seek out another business’s website if presented with a page that does not render well on a mobile device. Our commitment to responsive design means that websites produced by Local Impact perform flawlessly on everything from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. That translates directly into increased sales for our customers.
  • Speed. Consumers today have many options, especially in competitive markets like Charleston and Huntington. Akamai found that 79% of consumers become less likely to buy from a business when its website loads too slowly. Search engines like Google now penalize slow-loading websites, sending them less traffic over time. At Local Impact, we make speed a top priority with every website we design. In addition to producing important results in the here and now, that means being able to grow along with a business.
  • Security. West Virginia is home to many locally focused businesses that pride themselves on treating their customers well. A hard-won reputation for putting customers first can too easily be lost when a company’s website is attacked by hackers. Our highly developed website design process supports security at every step. Businesses that choose Local Impact for their web design projects enjoy more confidence and peace of mind.
  • Visitor engagement and conversion. Attracting traffic to a business’s website is only part of the battle. A 2016 survey by Econsultancy found that only 22 percent of all businesses were satisfied with their own conversion rates. A website that draws visitors in and engages them will be more likely to convert them into customers. We understand how your audience interacts with websites and how to persuade them. Local Impact has spent many thousands of hours testing what works in practice, and we put these findings to use on every project.
  • User experience. Some website visitors simply want to know where a business is located or when it will be open. Others will wish to learn more about products or services and be eager to find plenty of relevant information. We make high-quality user experiences of all kinds a priority with every project. Websites designed by Local Impact produce positive feelings in visitors, building brands and generating new business.

Naturally enough, Local Impact also excels at producing attractive, creative websites with
undeniable visual appeal. We go a lot farther than that, however, to ensure that the sites we design
always produce concrete results for our clients.

A Full Range of Web Design Services, Technologies, and Skills

We care as much about technology as we do about great design. Combining these two passions to generate more business for clients has been our obsession since Local Impact opened in 1997. When you choose Local Impact for your business, you can count on having access to all the best and latest technologies. As a full-service digital design and marketing agency, we are able to select the tools and approaches that are most appropriate for each project. Time and time again, that translates into better results than any competitor can deliver. Some of the technologies, approaches, and skills we often employ to benefit particular clients include:

  • WordPress. The free content management system WordPress now powers more than a quarter of all websites online. As the most popular platform of its kind by far, WordPress has spawned an ecosystem of unprecedented size and richness. Choosing WordPress for particular projects often allows us to deliver secure sites with advanced functionality at prices that ensure impressive returns on investment. Our skilled, experienced designers are ready to build WordPress sites that reflect each business’s unique brand and character perfectly.
  • E-commerce. Some of our customers most want websites that will encourage visitors to pick up the phone or visit a brick-and-mortar place of business. We are just as experienced with developing sophisticated e-commerce sites, though, that enable transactions online. Being able to generate new local business along with e-commerce revenues often makes for a powerful combination. Whether that means integrating with established platforms like Shopify or crafting customized solutions and mobile apps, our e-commerce experts are always ready to help.
  • SEO-informed design. Local Impact is just as devoted to effective digital marketing as to excellence in web design. Our SEO specialists and other digital marketers weigh in regularly on web design projects, and that makes a real difference for our customers. From getting all the on-page details right to producing content that will naturally attract links, our websites launch with everything needed to rank highly with Google and other search engines. We can even include tools that largely automate the technical side of SEO and suggest areas that could use improvement.
  • Lead tracking, conversion measurement, and more. We have been studying how best to generate new business for more than 20 years. Oftentimes, having access to firm figures makes it far easier to figure out how to improve. We often equip the websites we design with technologies that make the measurement of results simple. From seeing how particular landing pages perform to judging the effectiveness of calls to action, our websites generate valuable, business-relevant information.

Local Impact applies technologies and approaches like these to produce the kinds of results that our clients seek and deserve. Our decades of experience and commitment to keeping up with the state of the art ensure we can always leverage the most appropriate tools for every business. Where other agencies might be forced to rely on one-size-fits-all solutions, Local Impact is never held back by such limitations. That is an important part of what has made us West Virginia’s most successful web design firm and such a valuable partner to so many businesses.

Web Design That Helps Your Business Make an Impact

We are firm believers in the power of great web design to produce real results for businesses. Since opening our doors in 1997, we have made web design a core part of our mission to help businesses in Charleston, Huntington, and beyond grow and succeed. Every last one of our web designs is designed to deliver business-enhancing improvements with regard to important issues like:

  • Credibility. An amateurish, ugly, or overly slow business website will always be a liability. Our user-friendly, appealing designs ensure that visitors realize they are dealing with credible, trustworthy businesses. Building a local brand can be difficult work, so it is important to ensure that a website will help and not work. Websites designed by Local Impact consistently raise our clients’ profiles in highly positive, business-boosting ways.
  • Leads. Whether for contractors or doctors, a single lead can easily be worth thousands of dollars. We understand how to encourage site visitors to sign up for e-mail lists or take other forms of action. Generating leads so naturally and effortlessly means being able to count on more business in the future.
  • Business. Every website we create is ultimately designed to produce more business for its owner. In some cases, that means designing a site that will be effective at encouraging visitors to visit a store in Charleston or Huntington. In others, it might involve encouraging visitors to make an appointment or order a product online. We use our experience and understanding of each client’s situation to design custom-tailored websites that produce more customers and business.

Choosing Local Impact for your next web design project means gaining an ally who is committed to making a difference. Where other agencies might be content with delivering sites that are merely attractive, we are driven to achieve a great deal more. Contact us now to learn how a new website can make an impact for your business.