Pokémon Go – Good for Business?

Remember Pokémon from the 90’s? The trading cards sure have evolved. First, they infiltrated gaming systems such as the Nintendo DS and now they have reached the mobile world with Pokémon Go and almost everyone it seems is playing it.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pokémon Go, it’s a game app on your phone or tablet that requires you go out and find the Pokémon with the use of your device’s GPS system. Pokémon Stops, called Pokéstops, and Gyms have been predetermined by the game’s design company.

You may be wondering at this point how a game that you play on your phone is good for business? Many businesses have been determined to be either a Stop or a Gym. Others are simply located close to either a Gym, Stop, or both. Imagine how much extra traffic this game could bring to your business.

Consider a recent trip to the Town Center Mall in Charleston, WV. There were six people gathered at the post office in the mall, a Pokéstop, and all had their phones out. Someone walking by made the comment, “What do you want to bet that they’re all playing Pokémon Go?”

The South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena is also drawing people in as a PokéStop. Skaters and their families and friends were excited to see a sign on the door as they walked in advertising it as a Pokéstop. People that have never even been there will also be tempted to check it out for the opportunity to get some Pokéballs, which could lead to new customers.

A St. Albans, WV business, Four Brother’s Deli, Coffee & Tea House, is taking advantage of their close proximity to both a Gym and a Pokéstop. On Saturday, July 23rd, they are offering 10% off to those who can show that they are on Team Valor.

As you can see, by utilizing the new Pokémon Go trend, businesses can boost sales by offering discounts and advertising if they are a Gym or Pokéstop. To find out for your business, you need to download the app or ask a friend with the app. For businesses that would like to be more proactive, downloading the game is beneficial.

The Pokémon Go app has a feature that allows you to lure Pokémon to your location with incense for 30 minutes. You begin with 2 when you download the game to your mobile device. The in-game cost for 8 incense is 500 coins. You can purchase 550 coins for $4.99 USD. Lure modules are also available for purchase for 100 coins. These lures draw Pokémon to a nearby Pokéstop.

If downloading Pokémon Go is appealing to you, the process is very simple, all you need is a mobile device with data, a birthday and a Google or Facebook account. The app is available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

Once you have downloaded the game you need to catch a Pokémon! I found the first one at my home next to the night stand. Once you have caught the first Pokémon and completed the tutorial, you are then able to use incense to draw more Pokémon to your location.

Games come and go. Using a new trend to lure people in is a great way to attract new customers who are likely to stick around even after the game has gone.