Website Design Tips for Local Businesses-How to Help your Business Shine

One of the great things about the internet for many businesses is the global outreach aspect which allows companies to garner customers from all over the world.  However, not every business wants to provide a service or product on a global scale.  Some businesses such as plumbers, attorneys, landscaping services and home builders want to increase their customer base but only in a specific geographic region.

In fact, highlighting the geographic region served is one of the key components of   website design tips for local businesses.  Prominent meta descriptions and website content such as, “proudly serving Charleston and surrounding areas since 1985” can help web users determine if your site is the local business they are searching for.

Particularly for mobile sites, although it might sound a bit old-fashioned, patterning your mobile home page after traditional yellow-page advertisements helps provide key pieces of information about your business with an eye toward the limited screen real estate found on mobile devices.

Serving up key pieces of information such as company name, phone number, address, bullet-point highlights of services or products offered and perhaps even a link to a map showing your storefront location, are all helpful to local clientele and can easily fit on a mobile version of a site.

When designing for desktop-based website versions, businesses might want to consider using local scenery as a backdrop for their site and/or mention local community activities or events to help their customers feel they are conducting business with a company that is involved with and who cares about their local community.

To summarize, a website is simply another avenue that businesses use to reach out to their local customers.  Prominently displaying the primary bits of information on your site that any local customer needs to know about your establishment helps them to know they have arrived at their desired destination.